Your well being is my priority.

Licensed Massage Therapist in Austin, TX. 



Sonya has been receiving body and energy work for years and it wasn't until she hit a place of suffering, physically and emotionally, that she realized the true benefits of nuturing, healing touch. With that realization, came the want to provide and hold space for anyone looking for a holistic, loving way to address their needs.

Working with clients, who are open and ready to receive this type of powerful, integrated work, has proven to be the most productive and rewarding choice.

She attended the Lauterstein-Conway School of Massage and the Reiki Institute of Austin, where she acquired the skill set for:

| Swedish Deep tissue | Myofascial Release Reiki 2 |

With these techniques and skills, she is able to provide a session for your specific needs and a deep, honest connection back to and within your own body. 

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"Your wellness and well being are my priority."